Meter Services

What We Do

The Meter Services Division works closely with the Customer Service Division by completing work orders that are called in by our customers. The division completes monthly work orders consisting of; new service requests, terminations, non-payment turn-offs, turn-on paid requests, vacation turn-on or off requests, meter re-reads with data logging capabilities, and other miscellaneous field verification work orders.

Meter Services is also responsible for reading all residential and commercial water, irrigation, and reuse meters to capture consumption used for billing purposes.  With the use of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology we no longer have to physically read your water meter and manually write down your meter readings every month. Instead, your meter is designed to remotely transmit your meter reading to us while we simply drive past your property.

Who We Are

The members of our Meter Services team all play an important role in ensuring our data is accurate and equipment is functioning to absolute efficiency.

MeterAbout Our Meter Audit Program

The Meter Audit Program began in 2016 as a way for the Department's Account Services to perform a check of all meters within the City of Winter Haven. The field members of this program consist of Meter Repair Technicians I and II who perform physical verification of all equipment on-site at properties throughout Winter Haven, making any necessary repairs, taking photographs for meter locations, and logging all meter-related information into a booklet for review. The booklets are then reviewed by a specialized Account Clerk II who uses the information to clarify and correct any inaccuracies within our billing system. When any inaccuracy is uncovered prior to any changes, the Account Clerk notifies the customer about the audit that was performed and reviewed and discloses any discrepancies found. After customer contact is made their account is adjusted accordingly.

Please note: For meter-related questions, check out the Meter Reading Questions on our FAQ page.