Customer Service

City Hall AnnexWhat We Do

The Winter Haven Water Customer Service encompasses a multitude of responsibilities:

  • Send monthly bills that include water, sewer, garbage, and stormwater charges to approximately 40,000 customers.
  • Coordinate the discontinuation of service based on failure to pay paired with reactivating services once payment is received.
  • Assist customers in establishing and closing utility accounts; over the phone, in person, and electronically.
  • We manage over 20,000 service orders per year. Service orders for field work include troubleshooting water usage concerns, utilizing data-logging technology for authentic data and usage, meter malfunction repairs/replacements, and requests for service connection/ disconnection at locations.
  • Provide general customer service relations and evaluate and address customer account concerns and inquiries in person and over the phone.

Please note: For Billing and Service Related Questions check out the Billing and Service Questions on our FAQ page.