Grant & Aid Program for Not-For-Profit Agencies


The City of Winter Haven has provided grant money from the General Fund in one form or another to various Winter Haven not-for-profit agencies as far back as the 1970s. The goal of these allocations is to ensure residents of Winter Haven have access to the services provided by local not-for-profit providers. These agencies offer services the City of Winter Haven does not or that are complimentary to and consistent with City goals, extending additional benefits to our residents.

Grant and Aid Process & Guidelines

Not-for-profit agencies are invited to submit an application for funding through the Grant and Aid Program each year.

  • Not-for-profit agencies that provide services to Winter Haven residents are eligible to apply for a grant each year through the Grant and Aid application.
  • Mandatory training sessions will be offered leading up to the application window. Applicants are required to attend one of the three training sessions to be eligible to apply for the grant. Each training session is the same, and applicants only need to attend one. Only those who attend training will be granted access to the grant application.


The City of Winter Haven staff is available to answer any questions you may have about the Grant and Aid Program. Please email questions to the Office of Public Affairs and Communication or call 863-292-8042.