Security Alarms

Please note that security alarms in the City of Winter Haven do not need to be registered with the Police Department.

Ordinance O-08-27 - Alarm Control

A false alarm occurs when the alarm system is activated and the Police Department responds, but there is no evidence of criminal activity (or the reasonable threat of criminal activity), unauthorized entry, or any other emergency that would require the services of the Police Department. This includes activation through an accident, negligence, mechanical failure, electrical failure, signals activated intentionally in non-emergency situations, and any unknown means of activation.

An alarm is considered false if responding Police Department personnel follow normal operating procedures and find no evidence of an unauthorized entry, criminal activity (or reasonable threat of), or other emergency. Each false alarm is a separate violation of the ordinance and shall be fined as follows:

  1. No charge for a response to the first false alarm in a calendar month hereafter referred to as “first response.”
  2. A $25 charge for a response to all other false alarms each calendar month.

Check out additional information regarding the City of Winter Haven Alarm Ordinances: Ordinance O-08-27.