Human Resources

The City of Winter Haven's Human Resources Department is dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming environment for every member of the team, both current and prospective. With a focus on nurturing and supporting career journeys, the department ensures that experiences with the City are fulfilling, rewarding, and inclusive. Recognizing that employees are the heart of the community, the Human Resources Department provides comprehensive resources, guidance, and care throughout each individual's career.

For those considering joining the team or those who are already valued members, the department offers a range of services designed to support professional growth and personal well-being. The Human Resources Department is characterized by its open doors and commitment to fostering a community within, where every interaction strengthens the collective spirit. Pride is taken in offering a supportive, engaging work environment that emphasizes respect, diversity, and personal development. At the City of Winter Haven, talents are celebrated, growth is championed, and each contribution makes a meaningful difference in the vibrant community.