What is the peace creek integrated water supply plan?

The two Lower Floridan Aquifer Projects are somewhat self-explanatory. They would pump water from a deeper, less pure aquifer and provide more extensive treatment before pumping the water up to 30 miles. The Peace Creek Integrated Water Supply Plan would look at local water management practices, including aquifer recharge, flooding, and water quality to determine if water can be managed more efficiently to restore lake levels and river flows as well as produce a future water supply. In this manner, communities will not only develop future water supplies but reduce costs for existing and future problems related to flooding and water quality. One of the key features of this project is called 'natural infrastructure', which uses nature to help do the work for people. As an example, instead of creating man-made reservoirs, wetlands could be restored as storage sites. This is a relatively new concept, but one that has been adopted by the City of Winter Haven through the Sustainable Water Resource Management Plan.

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